Company S.I.A.S. s.r.o.

S.I.A.S. s.r.o. was established in 2007. The founder and staff of the company are people with several years of vast experience in the field of industrial automation, in particular in the automotive area.

Our clients are offered comprehensive solutions for industrial automation, control and visualization of technological processes. The Company’s goal is to always find the optimum solution and to assure the highest security possible, optimum environmental impact, simple control, appropriate hardware and software solutions and last but not least – an affordable price.


Installation of mechanical and electrical parts. Inspections and revisions of complete electrical connections


Software and hardware. Control system programming. Technical documentation drafting


We offer both general and very specific and detailed training focusing on the programming and operation of technological processes


Technical support to resolve issues of industrial automation

Pleasant communication on a friendly basis, allowing faster and more flexible negotiations for every stakeholder, is essential for a successful and professional outcome to our projects. This is then reflected in smooth implementation.